A second life
A second life
Travel, photography and life

At the age of 40 I had most of the things I thought I wanted in life. Except one — happiness. In 2016 I decided to sell my business, my house, my belongings and explore the world.

I wasn't simply not happy, I was unhappy, there is a world of difference. And it seemed madness to continue down the same path that hadn't worked for 40 years. 

I asked myself what I would do if I won the lottery (this would be a surprise as I don't buy any tickets) and the answer was go travelling and see the world. I realised I didn't need to win the lottery to do this, admittedly I wouldn't have the same safety net but you only have one life and logically there was no alternative. Continue plodding away at a life I thought I wanted that didn't make me happy — or try something new that might.

For most of my adult life I have had an unwanted companion. He was with me before I started travelling and although I lose him sometimes he has managed to follow me. I suffer with depression, I don't really know why. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of happiness, of hope, that the world makes sense, that I can see my place in it and I think the world will be alright but as quickly as I see it, it disappears again. I make these journeys, write these words and take these photos as therapy and with hope.

I studied art, design and photography at university and I'm using my travels to explore my passion for these and writing.

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I'm always interested in commercial opportunities for travel writing or photography so if you have something in mind or want to licence a photo then just email me at rob@asecondlife.co.uk

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